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As you know, we are facing uncertain and challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hafendorfer Machine, Inc. is doing everything possible to maintain normal operations, as we are engaged in critical manufacturing support to customers whose operations are vital to the support of critical sector in the areas of medical, defense, transport and commercial refrigeration, and other essential areas. We plan to continue to support our customers indefinitely and until further notice.

While doing this we will continue to address the human dimension during this pandemic. We are taking many precautions, internally to protect our employees. H.M.I. is also closed to in-person traffic from both customers and suppliers. Most office staff is working remotely and we adjusted our plant staffing (physical spacing, masks, sanitizing, etc.) to maximize everyone’s safety.

For Suppliers- if you are unable to meet our demand for any reason please make sure to contact our purchasing department immediately. For Customers- should there be changes to current orders/releases or upcoming demand, please provide that information to your H.M.I. sales contact immediately.

We want to say thank you to our customers and suppliers alike. We wish you, your team and your families the best as we work together to get through this pandemic.

Thank you,
James Hafendorfer

At Hafendorfer Machine, Inc. we have a set of goals for each project.

  • COMPRESS lead times from months to weeks
  • IMPROVE part accuracy
  • SAVE money by providing multiple services under one roof
  • Offer COMPETITIVE pricing for both short and long run projects
  • Provide QUALITY service and products that we stand behind 100%
  • Share SUPERIOR technology from names you can trust
  • Deliver RELIABLE accuracy part after part

We invite you to contact us regardless of the size, shape, or quantity of your project.